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Shelby County Schools Telework Agreement – What You Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and live, and many organizations have had to quickly adapt to remote work. The Shelby County Schools (SCS) in Memphis, Tennessee, is no exception. In March 2020, SCS transitioned to virtual learning due to the pandemic, making telework a necessity for many employees.

To ensure that telework is done effectively and productively, SCS has created a telework agreement that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both the employee and the employer. Here’s what you need to know about the SCS telework agreement:

1. Who is eligible for telework?

Only certain SCS employees are eligible for telework, as determined by the supervisor and HR. Eligibility is based on job duties and responsibilities, as well as the availability of technology and equipment necessary for telework.

2. What are the responsibilities of the employee?

Employees who telework are responsible for:

– Creating a suitable workspace at home

– Ensuring that the computer and other equipment are in good working order

– Abiding by the SCS code of conduct and any applicable policies and procedures

– Maintaining regular communication with the supervisor and co-workers

– Submitting work on time and meeting performance standards

3. What are the responsibilities of the employer?

SCS employers are responsible for:

– Ensuring that employees have access to the necessary equipment and technology

– Providing training on telework policies and procedures, as well as any necessary software or tools

– Ensuring that teleworkers have access to all necessary information and resources

– Providing support to teleworkers, including regular check-ins and performance evaluations

4. How is productivity measured?

Telework productivity is measured based on the same standards and metrics used for in-office work. Employees are expected to submit work on time and meet performance standards, and supervisors are responsible for monitoring productivity and providing feedback.

5. How is telework time recorded?

Employees are responsible for accurately recording their telework time, including start and end times, in the HR system. Supervisors are responsible for approving telework time and ensuring that it is accurately recorded.

In conclusion, the SCS telework agreement is designed to ensure that telework is done effectively and productively, while also maintaining the same standards and expectations as in-office work. By following the guidelines set forth in the telework agreement, employees and employers can work together to create a successful telework environment.